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com 3 Apr 2017 when the video has been rented. The nature of a dent in a brass instrument wall is, by its nature, almost always a stretching of the metal although can have some compression around the periphery, if on an outside radius. Just bring it in and one of MusicMasters Repair Services. If the damage is deep, it is important to push a large portion of the dents up first, using the rounded end of the tapered mandrel or a  We offer a wide range of dent removal tools, including dent balls, burnishers, dent rods, and other specialist tools. In this article, you will learn how to straighten a dent of brass instruments. Free quotes available. Brace Repair. · Brass Repair. ) All valves are measured and properly aligned and t thuning slides are aligned. The steel rod and ball are inserted into the bore of the instrument up to the point of damage. *Please note: Ultrasonic cleaning can adversely affect the finish of some instruments, particularly if  Services include: Chemical and ultrasonic cleaning of all instrument components; Silver wash & polish for sterling or plated instruments; Dent removal; Soldering & silver brazing; Replacing worn or damaged water key corks & piston/slide felts  KBB Music specialises in Brass and Woodwind instrument repairs and servicing. Tear drop shape and a sharper radius behind the midpoint of the the ball works especially well for raking or rebounding dent removal procedures. The Brass and Woodwind Shop 1,114 views This set of 3 tear drop shape dent balls are made of magnetic stainless steel and polished to a high finish. Dent Removal: Starts at $40. 15 Sep 2017 Push slowly and carefully; don't stretch the metal out. By Curt Altarac. (Suggested time 1 hr). Mouthpieces sometimes get dropped and dented at the shank and the DEG tool re-rounds them. 00. Brass Repair *Excessive dent removal or part(s) replacement will incur additional costs. * General maintenance. To remove the dents on the hard parts of the instrument, Roberto developed a "reverse hammer". $45 parts incl. Welcome to Artisan Brass, the online gateway to your Brass Instrument Repair Workshop. Dent removal. You insert a steel ball (smaller than the dent) in the instrument, and then use a padded mag… 22 Apr 2017 This is a tuba "pull apart" job using various techniques. From a simple  Other Brass Repairs. brassaccessories. Brass Horn Repair With Ice: Use the power of ice to remove dents in a horn. 5 Nov 2016 More information on our website or facebook http://www. Dent Removal by Estimate Only, Tuba/ Sousaphone. 5 hrs). dequelery. Selected loan instruments available at no  We offer comprehensive cleaning and repairs services for brass instruments at very affordable rates. I remove the bow to access dents in the branch, bow and bell, install new guard wire and buff and l 14 Dec 2019 This video is an introduction to dent balls which are used for removing dents on brass instruments. 1. Valve spring set replacement. Pressure is exerted downward on the instrument while  Roberto from Italy repaired his dented brass instrument on his own with the help of super magnets. Dent removal - using dent hammer, burnisher, magnet, and dent machine (Suggested time 2  Solder Brace, $15. Remove Stuck Mouth Pieces: FREE! *Depending  Complete servicing of any brass instrument. Solder Points: $40. If you live in a cold climate, You can use that property to pop out dents and expand crushed tubing in brass instruments with a little luck. Brass Instrument The re-finish service includes removing minor dents refinishing replacing felts corks as needed. We also can fix most dents and do many band instrument repairs in-house. The Magnetic Dent Removal System (MDRS) was developed by technicians Eric Satterlee and Wayne Tanabe and uses to its advantage one of the strongest Rare Earth magnets currently available, the N52. Chemical Clean. The dented brass is now sandwiched between the steel ball and the magnet. I do brass repair. · Silver-Plating. Brass Repair Pricing Our Basic Service includes ultrasonic cleaning, removal of accessible dents in the slide tubes, straightening of outer slide  (Replacing stop arm corks not included. MusicMasters has the largest band repair shop in the Southeast. Tools · Jewerly · Jewels. Solder Brace, $15. While Barnard Instrument Repair specializes in saxophones, we do welcome other woodwind and brass instruments. Nov 16, 2018 · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Trumpet Dent Repair - Bell Buckle YouTube Removing All the DENTS: Herald Trumpet Restoration Project #6 - Duration: 18:58. Doesn't necessarily have to be *one* purpose. · Dent Removal. Piston Brass. ferreestoolsinc. Prices include GST. • In the event that the repair cost exceeds the original estimate, the customer will be contacted for approval. 31 Oct 2018 Dent removal; Instrument overhauls; Modifications and customisation; Cleaning/ polishing. Full Overhaul . Every repair, from complex valve and . Brass Instrument Repair Services. Rebuild Water  Turnaround time is 1-2 business days on brass instrument repairs such as trumpet, trombone, cornet, baritone, tuba etc. Pull Frozen Slides, $30. All instruments are play  Lamorinda Music offers a full range of repair services for woodwind, brass, strings, and fretted instruments. Browse our dent removal tools now! Brass Shank Straightening Tool · Burnishers · Dent Ball Sets · Dent Removal System. Please try again later. Using a back and forth motion, the magnet will pull the steel ball through the body of the instrument, thus removing the dent safely and quickly  Additional charges apply for parts, dent removal, re-soldering etc. * Custom Modifications. Prices are a guide only. The Dent Eraser. Published on Apr 3, 2017. Additional Information. This feature is not available right now. Back to articles [Reprinted from the TubaNews] The Dent Eraser is the amazing magnetic dent removal system for use on brass bodied musical instruments. Reachable minimal dent work is included (bell flare and throat). Repair. Also great for use in saxophone bows. Inner slide tubes are polished. Dent removal, soldering, valve & slide work are just some of the many services offered for Brass Instruments. Move the burnisher quickly and lightly over dented areas, much as  a complete range of repair services for all instruments of the Woodwind and Brass families: Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Re-corking of tenons; Key adjustments; Dent removal on a saxophone or flute; Regulation; Twisted key mechanism or  Overhauling woodwind instruments includes: all new pads and corks, cleaning ( and bright dip where applicable) tone hole inspection and refacing, key swedging for proper fit, key polishing, spring replacement where needed, minor dent  Brass Toff is an instrument Repair, Renovation and Sales business based in Warrington, established in 1983. · Valve Lapping and Refitting. nl https://www. com/dequelery/?ref=hl. for all woodwind instruments, cleaning and polishing, tone hole and crack repair, solders and dent removal, valve and  ACCESSORIES AND SUPPLIES Swabs, straps, mouthpieces, polish cloths, lubricants, lyres, mutes, cases… In Stock. John Philip Sousa. To do so, he used our reverse hammer. Trumpet/Cornet. Trombone tuning slide dent repairs at www. It would be tempting to use some tool to push it the opposite direction until that dent disappears from view, but there will always be some spring back, even Apr 22, 2017 · This is a tuba "pull apart" job using various techniques. Dent removal, slide alignment, freeing stuck components, soldering, Silver plate touch-up & repair, and more. Prices subject to change. Clean & Repair Valves. 00, Dent Removal by Estimate Only. We can fix any instrument. Valve overhaul and rebuilding - for both piston and rotary valves; Trombone slide dent removal and alignment  Paul Mourant Brass Repair, repairing instruments across the UK. · Slide Work. (Suggested time 1. This Euphonium had three issues: a bent lead pipe, a significant dent in the bottom bow, and the bell had a dent as well. MIR MUSIC offers a complete range of repair services for most instruments, including brass, stringed, woodwinds, and guitars. The Magnetic Dent Removal System (MDRS) and its components (other than the Apprentice Kit) were developed for use by Band Instrument Repair Technicians, including all members of The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT). This is not a full Fixed dent rods with vise (available in sizes for all brass instruments) Tapered dent rolling tool for your individual instrument (these are widely available for trumpet, trombone, and French horn) Over the course of time, many brass instruments will acquire small dents and dings. By estimate. Use the dent burnisher to smooth out any remaining small dents in the area. facebook. * Dent Removal. I remove the bow to access dents in the branch, bow and bell, install new guard wire and buff and lacquer the area. ​   Woodwind Instruments, such as the Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, and Piccolo are serviced and repaired with precision. It continues Free no obligation quotes. Minor alignment of trombone handslides and replacement of cork barrel bumpers (additional material costs not included); Dent removal  We also try to retain the original playing characteristics of the instrument by not removing metal, or changing the temper of the brass. Custom modifications, restorations, and rebuilding services are available for the entire family of brass instruments, with restrictions on tuba and euphonium dent work. Flugelhorn, Repair Water Key, $25. Free frozen tuning slides. Dent Work: we have all the gear and years of experience to do a top dent removal job no matter how big or small. Remove slowly. From a basic service and wind instruments. uk Brass Instrument, Woah! Anna BlumeBand Nerd · Wingcrack clamp and winglifter Violin Art, Cello, Violin Repair, Antonio Stradivari, Violin. Do you need a trumpet chemical flush or slide work on a trombone, how about dent work on a tuba; Saxquest has years of experience with brasswind instrument repair. While it's best to have several sizes for different instruments (horn, trumpet,   2 Dec 2015 Additional cost for full conservatory and professional instruments. Professional musical instrument repairs are available for Brass, Woodwind, String Instruments & More. Dents that would otherwise have required many hours of labor to remove can now be repaired in minutes with this tool. Chem Flush, $70. co. I had a crushed leadpipe on   Professional instruments may require more time to fine tune the repair and may cost more. is a repair shop specializing in maintenance, repair, restoration, and customization of brass and woodwind instruments. With standard repair equipment, you can repair a dented brass instrument easily at home. Valve and Tuning Slide overhaul, wash and brush out, minor dent removal, new water key springs and corks as necessary. Aligning valves and aligning 1st and 3rd trumpet slides. brass repair workshop  Professional Musical Instrument Repair. A mouthpiece trueing tool is indispensable. Things you will need Fixed dent rod (that has a vise) Dent burnisher Oct 26, 2011 · SuperMagnete documents a clever method for removing dents from brass instruments using powerful magnets. Traditionally, dents were removed from brass instruments using a steel ball threaded onto a rod. John Pedersen of Bertrand's Music showing us how he removes dents from brass instruments. Aaron Barnard is a master technician whose dent work, neck restorations and rebuilds are nothing short of extraordinary. Removing dents from straight, tapered tubes, such as bell tapers, are the easiest to do well. Complete Instrument Care. You can buy these at Ferree's Tools. These changes to the body of the instrument can cause changes in MAGNETIC DENT REMOVAL TOOLS: Modern Dent Removal Technology for the next century of Band Instrument Repair. We have even repaired sitars! We provide free advice and free no obligation estimates  1 Sep 2011 Water expands when it freezes, and you can use that property to your benefit if you're trying to get the dents out of thin metal pipes or dented metal containers, or in the case of this particular Instructable, a brass instrument. * Complete Overhauls. r/specializedtools: A place to post tools which were created for a specific purpose . 00, Play Condition, $40. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Dent Repair Ball Set Solid Steel Balls 14 Piece for Magnetic Brass Instrument at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Brass repairs - servicing, dent removal, soldering, releasing stuck slides and mouthpieces and more for Trumpet and Cornet. Basic repairs are simple to do, but some repairs like piston positioning must be done professionally. brass instrument dent removal